Dr. Anne Nurfarina, S.Sn., M.Sn

She studied at FRSD ITB, from bachelor degree to doctoral degree. Anne has interest in art as a language and art as a therapy. She found Sensation Method as a dissertation in a doctoral program and applied it to educational institutions for people with disabilities at Widyama Art Therapy Center, Bandung. Beside of that, as a community service, she also worked as the vice chairman of Association of Children with Disabilites’ Parents of Indonesia and founded a community-based micro-small business called CIDCO (Creative Business of Difable Community) as a community service, which aims to build financial independence for people with disabilities.


Visual Communication Design Lecturer




01. Art for Therapy

02. Creativity and Humanity

01. Information Media and Editorial Design with Interactive Approach

02. Social Campaign and Advertising in Indonesia

* Kreatif dalam konteks pendidikan seni bagi anak autis (sebuah tinjauan teoritis tentang kreativitas)

* The Role of HR Practices in Enhancing Firm Supply Chain Performance

* Visualisasi Iklan Televisi dan Ekspresi Seni pada Anak Penderita Autis


(1995 – 1997) Marketing Manager at Galeri Pondok Indah Jakarta
(1989 – 2005) Graphic Designer at the Ministry of Environment, Jakarta
(2001 – 2004) Founder & Graphic Designer PT. DnoeMap
(2005 – 2009) Management of the Drya Media Non-Governmental Organization Foundation
(2006 – 2009) Secretary of Visual Communication Design Study Program – FIS UNPAS
(2010 – 2012) Advisor to the Temara Ilmu Bandung Inclusive School
(2006 – 2011) Management of the Semi Palar Bandung Education Foundation
(2010 – 2011) Head of Visual Communication Design Study Program – FISS UNPAS
(2011 – 2013) Chairman of the STISI Telkom DKV Study Program
(2012 – 2016) Chairman of the Association of Parents and Families of People with Disabilities of Indonesia (PORTADIN), West Java
(2013 – 2019) Dean of the Faculty of Visual Communication Design, Widyatama University, Bandung
(2013 – 2019) Director of the Art Therapy Center Widyatama Bandung
(2016 – present) Deputy Chairman II of the Central Indonesian Association of Parents and Families of People with Disabilities (PORTADIN)
(2015 – present) Steering Board of the Indonesian Visual Communication Design Professionals Association (AIDIA)
(2015 – present) Chairperson of the POKJA Establishing LSP DKV AIDIA
(2015 – present) Board of Commissioners LSP DKV AIDIA
(2019 – present) Creative Business Advisor for Difable Community (CIDCO)
(2019 – present) Lecturer in Visual Communication Design Study Program at Multimedia Nusantara University