Student Association of Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design Students Association (HMDKV) is the first organization assembled in 2017 which has the function as an aspiration media of Visual Communication Design student of Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, academically and non-academically.


Lifting the honor of alma mater and faculty with the family of VCD UMN and becoming the aspiration media of VCD UMN for persada and sesama.


1. To accommodate and objectify the aspirations of VCD UMN.
2. To become a partner as well as a leader in implementing the association’s work program with the students of VCD UMN.
3. To support the growth of VCD UMN’s students, both academically and non-academically.
4. To maintain good relationships of VCD UMN with external parties.
5. To be a bridge of VCD UMN with external parties, especially in arts and design.

Organization Structure


Keith Richard

Feby Agnestasya

Jenifer Vania

Jennifer Ajanette Kwa

Program Division

Agung Hariwishwantha –¬†Coordinator

Hardy Octovan Amurisi Zega


Shipra Claudia

Research and Development Division

Clara – Coordinator

Dyota Akyla Irangga Yusuf

Jeanet Radmita

Public Relations Division

Serafina Setiawan – Coordinator & External

Karen Permatasari

Katya Ruthven Rumambi

Visual Division

Natyashya Aprilia – Coordinator




Wakil Ketua



Program Kerja HMDKV UMN Generasi 2

Konten Prodi

Konten Prodi VCD UMN is ready to introduce a broad campus life for new students.


Forming new students who have burning enthusiasm and can conquer the challenges that will be faced, and can be a light that illuminates their environment.


Spread burning enthusiasm and not giving up easily to freshmen, and giving the mindset to always see hope in difficult times.

Ultigraph is the largest graphic design event organized by Multimedia Nusantara University students that consist of several series of main events, such as competitions, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and awarding nights. In 2019, Ultigraph expanded into an international event through a collaboration with Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia to organize the Asia International Conference of Art and Design Invention, Innovation & Design (AICAD IID) through international scale innovation competitions and exhibitions in various fields.


Increase the sensitivity of society, especially the younger generation to social issues, both in Indonesia and internationally.


Expanding the view of society and designers to the world of design. Renewing the mindset of students in designing in order to provide solutions to social issues.

Kurawal itself is taken from the word curly brace ({}), which is a pair of punctuation marks used in programming languages to start and end a code. The name Kurawal is at the same time a philosophy in which at this event IMD students embrace DKV students, especially those who are new students, into a big family.

Event every 2 years held by Student Association of Visual Communication Design  UMN. Kurawal aims to be a place for students to exhibit their works, especially in the field of New Media (Interactive). There are a series of events such as webinars, workshops, competitions, exhibitions, and so on.

Rebranding from ARTDRENALINE, the previous gathering, A-SCAPE itself comes from the words ‘escape’ and ‘scape’. Escape means running from something bad and getting out of control to be free and independent. While scape means sight, it can also mean a flower that blooms straight from the root, without leaves. Has meaning so that students can independently look for new perspectives to develop into strong individuals.


This gathering invites Visual Communication Design students at Multimedia Nusantara University to actively strengthen their brotherhood to increase creativity and productivity outside of learning activities.


Creating events that can hone students’ creativity and productivity and invite students to actively express themselves and contribute significantly to society.

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