Nusakara Artspace

Nusakara Artspace is a student organization under the Faculty of Art and Design of Universitas Multimedia Nusantara. With the end of the Gen 6 stewardship period, Galeri FSD has now officially metamorphosed into Nusakara Artspace which was introduced on October 2nd, 2020 at the closing event of the Gen 6 committee, Dalusani Awards. Through a new format, Nusakara Artspace carries 3 main pillars; Create, Educate, Inspire. Through these 3 pillars, it is hoped that Nusakara Artspace can contribute not only to UMN students but to the art and design ecosystem in Indonesia.

Nusakara comes from the Sanskrit language “Nusantara” which means Indonesia and “Akara” which means form or form. The vision of Nusakara Artspace is to become an art space that supports the process of art and design education for students, especially through effective and communicative work exhibitions. Nusakara Artspace’s mission is to become a vessel for channeling art and design student creations by holding educational exhibitions, supporting FSD student activities in work exhibitions, organizes other activities that support the process of art and design education and organizes education on exhibition management which is appropriate for the board as an exhibition of student works.

Nusakara Artspace actively supports and participates in the arts ecosystem both at UMN and Indonesia through programs and events for the public. These programs and events consist of exhibitions of student works, awards, seminars, talk shows, competitions, quizzes, and information about arts in Indonesia.