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Podcast of VCD UMN that discusses about our alumni’s profession

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Podcast Jadi Temen Episode 4

This podcast talks about professions of VCD-SP UMN alumni. In a short amount of time, Hannan Cinthya had established her own production house called Rentjana. Her career as an advertising worker started from the bottom (university), unlike most people who start their career after graduating from university. “The key of all of these is a will and intention,” says this alumni of VCD-SP UMN. Check out the excitement of her career journey! May we always be friends!

Previous Episodes

Podcast Jadi Temen Episode 3

Sally Lesmana: Fly High with Imagination

Out of his habit, Sally Lesmana actually became a flight attendant after graduating from university. Her luck bought alumni of VCD-SP UMN year 2021 to some country and city, also seeing live artworks of arts and design at famous museum and gallery live. Check out the excitement of her life and career journey! May we always be friends!

Podcast Jadi Temen Episode 2

Bugie Pratomo: Digital Designer is More Measured!

Working in a digital agency can be distinguished in particular, from the communication strategy and channels, to initial research and evaluation. Bugie Pratomo, alumni of the 2010 UMN DKV, has always worked at a digital agency since graduating. What are the ins and outs of being a digital designer? Listen to this podcast until it ends. May we always be friends!

Podcast Jadi Temen Episode 1

Albert Marvindo as an Exhibition Designer Spv.

Albert Marvindo is an alumnus of the UMN DKV class of 2011. He works as a SPV exhibition designer in the ASRI brand comm division which is a subsidiary of the Agung Sedayu Group.

The man who has the nickname Albert, has an important role in the design of exhibitions in three different malls, namely Mall PIK Avenue, Mall of Indonesia and Grand Galaxy Park Mall. How exciting is the exhibition designer profession? Let’s hear what’s behind it! May we always be friends!