Ramdhani Mangku Alam, S.Sn

Ramdhani graduated from Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta in 2007, live and also has a studio in Bantul Yogyakarta. Ramdhani is experienced in various art fields, such as layout stage, special costume and makeup, miniature design, sclupting, merchandise product, costume design and makeup. Those art fields are still being pursued by him until now, since 2004.



01. Sculpting

02. Special Make-up and Costume

03. Character Design

04. Drawing

05. Set and Property Design

01. Design for Setting and Property

02. Design for Costume and Make Up

03. Design for Special Effect

04. Design Sculpting


(2001-2007) Bachelor of Theatre at Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta
(2018-2019) Costume and property designer, traditional costume designer consultant, special effect makeup workshop, stage designer of events
(2016-2017) Costume designer, helding workshops, set and property designer, jury of theatre festival
(2015-2016) Costume and accessories maker, helding workshops, makeup artist
(2014) Costume maker (mascot, traditional mask), property maker, art director of theatre performance, makeup artist
(2013) Art director of theatre performances, makeup artist, director of monologue performance, makeup artist and costume maker
(2012) Fashion and makeup artist, interior set designer, accessories designer, costume designer (for traditional performances and theatre performances), property designer, special makeup effect artist, makeup workshop speaker at universities.
(2011) Makeup and set designer (events, theatre), art director of theatre performances, property maker
(2010) Makeup artist and fashion designer of events and broadway, art director of events, set and property maker of theatre performances
(2009) Art director of theatre performances, fashion and makeup artist
(2008) Fashion designer and makeup artist of performances and music videos, speaker and interviewees of makeup workshop, art director of concert
(2007) Makeup artist, fashion designer, art director of theatre performances
(2006) Interviewees and speaker of makeup workshop, tale dubber, makeup and fashion designer, art director of concert and performances
(2005) Fashion and makeup designer of theatre performances, interviewee companion on makeup workshop, art director of concert and event