Student Assistant

The Role of

Student Assistant

01 Become a Mentor

Student Assistants have an important role in the classroom to become mentors who help students through the lecture process in lectures. Student Assistants have to look after students inside and outside the classroom.

02 Extension of Lecturers’ Hands

Student Assistants will become an extension of the lecturers’ hands to deal directly with students. Student Assistants help students who have difficulty understanding material from lecturers theoretically and practically.

03 Coordinate with Lecturers

Student Assistants will coordinate with lecturers if there will be public lectures & industrial visits. Student Assistants have the great advantage of being more competent in their fields because they can be discussing directly with lecturers in preparing for lectures.

Attendance Rules

If the Student Assistant violates these rules, the honorarium or Students’ Activities Credits System (SKKM) will not be processed.

01 Time to Start

The Student Assistant will start working on the 3rd week of lecture or according to a predetermined schedule.

02 Absences

The maximum number of absences as a Student Assistant is 3 times. If unable to attend, it is mandatory to notify the lecturer at the maximum of D-1.

03 Punctuality

The maximum limit for late attendance for Student Assistants is 15 minutes.

04 Clothes

Student assistants must wear appropriate clothing in accordance with UMN regulations.


01 Honorarium

– The Student Assistant will receive:

  IDR 15,000 x Number of SKS x Number of Week of Lecture

– Disbursement of honoraria approximately 1-2 months after the submission of the Student Assistant Card.

02 Students’ Activities Credits System (SKKM)

Student Assistant will receive:

2 Points of

Scientific and Reasoning

1 Point of

Community Service