Vision & Mission




Become a leading Bachelor of Visual Communication Design program that creates the creative, innovative, competent, and international-oriented graduates with the focus of developing the new visual media, based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), entrepreneurial spirit and virtuous character.

Becoming a superior Bachelor Degree Arts and Design Study Programme that contributes to newest design works. Innovation will be influenced by the creativity of the students, such as in creating concept, idea and design methods. Innovation and creativity in study methods will give a dynamic learning process that pushes society-needs based design works to be created.

Visual Communication Design Study Programme is built by processing input from industry players and community needs. This is intended in order for students to have the competencies needed by graduate users and society.

One of the ways to reach the international standard is to use English literature from many countries and international journals of design in the learning process. We also submit our lecturers and students’ design graphic works to international festivals/exhibitions.

To create graduates with entrepreneur spirit, the students is provided with curriculum that prepares and enable students in enterprising, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, providing discourse on utilizing networks, seeking venture capital, and so on.

To shape graduates with virtuous character, Visual Communication Design Study Program enact a curriculum that underlines virtuous characteristic in learning process routinely that links with soft skill.

As technology develops and new kinds of media appears, the new chance to develop works that are used with electronic devices is also given. Visually, this development is pushing the curriculum to answer technology development and society’s needs.




A learning process that is supported by qualified teaching staff and an up-to-date curriculum that links and matches with the industrial world.



The research program that contribute to the development of new visual media to advance the science of ICT and ICT-based Visual Communication Design.



The science of Arts and Visual Communication Design in order to deliver the community service