Academic Guidance

Academic Guidance

Find Out Who Your Academic Advisor Is

All of the Visual Communication Design Study Program students are eligible for Academic guidance. Each student is assigned their own Academic Advisor which can be seen on their respective My UMN accounts.

The Minimum Number of Academic Guidance Sessions

2 Sessions / Semester

Additional Sessions

Additional Academic Guidance sessions can be requested by students to the Academic Advisor by contacting them via e-mail which can be checked on the Academic Staff page.

Rules and Regulations

01 It is Mandatory

Academic Guidance is mandatory for students. Prepare guidance topics that need to be discussed with Academic Advisors before the session begin.

02 Schedule and Mechanism

Academic Guidance is carried out according to the schedule that has been given. Contact the Academic Advisor (if needed) to confirm a tutoring session. Academic Advisor has the right to determine the guidance mechanism.

03 Academic Guidance Form

Download and fill out the complete Academic Guidance Form in¬†Student Resources.¬†Use Student’s E-mail¬†when downloading the file! Use the Academic Guidance Form whenever Academic Guidance is conducted. 1 sheet of guidance form is¬†valid for 1 semester. Upload the Academic Guidance Form that has been filled into¬†Academic Guidance Drive¬†in the respective Advisor’s folder.

04 Things to Note

Dress appropriately and be polite during the Academic Guidance.