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Ultigraph is the largest Graphic Design event organized by Multimedia Nusantara University students under the auspices of DKV which has covered the territory of Indonesia. Ultigraph consists of a series of events including competitions, seminars, exhibition workshops, and awarding nights.

Increase the sensitivity of the community, especially the younger generation to social issues both at home and abroad Indonesia and internationally.

  1. Broaden the view of society and design towards the world of design
  2. Renew students’ mindsets in designing so that they can provide solutions to social issues

Work Program

Pre event: Bazaar, Mini Competition, Sounding
Main Event: Seminars, Workshops, Competitions, Exhibitions
Post Event: Awarding Night



Kurawal itself is taken from the word curly brace ({}), which is a pair of punctuation marks used in programming languages to start and end a code. The name Kurawal is at the same time a philosophy in which at this event IMD students embrace DKV students, especially those who are new students, into a big family.

Kurawal aims to be a place for students to exhibit their works, especially in the field of New Media (Interactive). There are a series of events such as webinars, workshops, competitions, exhibitions, and so on.

Kurawal 2022’s vision is to introduce and expand the exposure of the Interaction Design department throughout Indonesia and be able to bring it to the international scene.

  1. Showing and introducing works in the form of interactive media
  2. Explain the use of interactive media and its potential in the world of work
  3. Bringing UMN’s interactive media works to the national level



Imago Meaning
Like a caterpillar that goes through a process of metamorphosis to grow into a beautiful butterfly, students also experience a process of development during the lecture period. Imago is the final stage of the development process that has been passed by the students, namely the final project.

Definition of Imago
IMAGO is an exhibition of final work from the Faculty of Art and Design of UMN as a form of appreciation for the final work of students of the Faculty of Arts and Design of UMN in order to inspire and provide new knowledge about the world of art and design. So that by participating in a series of events, FSD students can develop their abilities to be ready to enter the industrial world.

Exhibit the Faculty of Arts & Design of UMN’s works to create appreciation from the creative industry.

  1. Professionality
  2. Kinship
  3. Admiration
  4. Inspiration

Work Program

Holding an exhibition of the final work of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of UMN, and a series of other events such as screening of the final project of FSD students, seminars, work reviews, and talk shows.