Ilham Khoiri, S.Ag, M.Sn

Ilham Khoiri is a lecturer at Faculty of Art and Design Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN), Tangerang Banten (2009 until now). He is also a journalist of Kompas, the daily newspaper in Jakarta, Indonesia (2004 until now). He writes articles about arts, cultures, politics, people and religious issues.


Visual Communication Design Lecturer



01. Art History

02. Design History

03. Cultural Identity

01. Art in Media Context

02. Cultural Identity

03. Art History


(present) Visual Communication Design Lecturer at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara
(2003-present) Journalist of KOMPAS, The Morning Daily/ Newspaper. Experience of overseas Coverages.
(2020) Tribute to Jakob Oetama Exhibition, Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
 Author of ” Bapak Jakob Oetama: Kisah Kecil Bermakna Besar” Book
 Author of “Santri Kaliwater: dari MAPK untuk Indonesia” Book
(2018) Deputy Editorial Secretary of Kompas
(2017-2018) Manager of Social Media Department of Kompas
(2017) Islamic Calligraphy Exhibition, Jakarta Art Council
(2016-2017) Deputy of Youth Desk Editor of Kompas
(2016-2017) Deputy of Education and Culture Editor of Kompas
 Editor of “Kepada Yth Bapak Presiden” Book
 Editor of “Teten Masduki: Panglima Domba Melawan Korupsi” Book
 Editor of Oei Hong Djien, “Seni Mengoleksi Karya Seni” Book
(2011) Member of Curatorial Team, “The International Jakarta Biennale: Maximum City: Survive or Escape” Jakarta
(2010) Member of Curatorial Team, “The Second God” Exhibition by Jakarta Art Movement National Indonesian Gallery
(2009) International Calligraphic Art Exhibition, Pakistan
(2002) Co-Curator of AD Pirous Solo Exhibition: AD Pirous: Vision, Faith and Journey in Indonesian Arts, National Indonesian Gallery
(2002) Discussion Manager of Insitute for Civil Society (INCIS) Jakarta
(2001) Studio Exhibition, Soemardja Gallery, Insitute for Technology of Bandung
(2001) International Holy Quran Exhibition, Iran
(1999) Reporter of Weekly Magazine at GATRA
(1999) Reporter of Weekly Magazine at GATRA
(1999-2002) Master of Art and Design at Insitut Teknologi Bandung
(1998-1999) Editor of a Number Works in Logos Wacana Ilmu Publisher
(1999) Publishing Manager of Institute for Civil Society (INCIS), Jakarta
(1999) Board Member of Matra Media Foundation
(1999) Writer of “The Qur’an and Arabic Calligraphy: The Role of the Scripture in Transforming Culture”
(1999) Editor of book, “Feather Painting: Transforming Waste into Works of Art”
(1997-1999) Presidnet for the Forum of Communication and Development of Indonesian Calligraphers Studios
(1995-1996) Chief Editor of Sudent Journal, Gong, Faculty of Ushuluddin IAIN Jakarta
(1994-1998) Member of Editorial Board of Journal, Intitute, IAIN Jakarta
(1996-1997) President of Student Representative in Faculty of Ushuluddin IAIN Jakarta
(1995) National Painting Calligraphy Competition Exhibition, SCTV Station
(1994-1997) Insitute of Quranic Calligraphy Exhibition, State Insitute of Islamic Studies Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta
(1993-1998) Bachelor
of Theology (Faculty of Ushuluddin) at IAIN (State Institute of Islamic Studies)



– “Diversity Award” of Sejuk (Serikat Jurnalis untuk Keberagaman, Journalist Union for Diversity) , 2014
– Malay Culture Journalism Award,  (Yayasan Sagang Melayu, Riau, Sumatera, 2007)
– Cultural Award 2005, (Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Indonesia, 2005)
– Winner II, Tourism Award 2005, (Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Indonesia, 2005)
– The best graduate, honor student, cum laude, IAIN Jakarta (1998), grade average: 3,84
–  Favorite Winner, I, National Painting Calligraphy Competition,  held by private TV station, SCTV (1995)