Ir. Mochammad Surjo Koentjoro, M. Si.

Born and gotten the Architecture Degree in Surabaya. He has been experienced in working for 24 years as a Graphics / Motion Designer at SCTV. Mochammad is also experienced in various kinds of graphic projects; TV commercials, PSAs, program opens, bumpers, such as like broadcast video, print, web, 2D, 3D Graphics, real-time interactive 3D, and many more. These experiences were added with Client Management works at a Consulting Agency. He also possessed experience of teaching, at Program Vokasi, Universitas Indonesia, as a guest teacher from 2010 – 2016 for teaching TV Production classes. He obtained a Master’s degree in Communication Management from Universitas Indonesia in 2018.


Visual Communication Design Lecturer





01. Video Editing

02. Motion Graphics Design

03. 3D Design

01. Information Media and Editorial Design with Interactive Approach

02. Social Campaign and Advertising in Indonesia

* The Role of Visual Aids in Corporate Annual Reports in Drawing Wider Audience Internally

* Efek komunikasi akun resmi media sosial brand korporasi terhadap keinginan membeli produk perusahaan pengembang properti (penelitian akun facebook resmi PT. Lippo cikarang)


(2018 – present) Lecturer at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara
(2018 – present) Account Management at PT Violeti Media Kreasi
(2017 – present) Part-Time Graphic Designer & Indonesian to English Translator
(2016-2018) Freelance Graphic Designer
(2016-2018) Architect / Designer / Partner at PT Liwasa
(2010-2016) Lecturer at Universitas Indonesia
(2013-2016) Marketing Graphics Designer Specialist at PT Surya Citra Televisi
(2005-2013) Graphics Presentations Department, Department Head at PT Surya Citra Televisi
(1999-2005) Computer Graphics Operations, Coordinator at PT Surya Citra Televisi
(1996-1999) Computer Graphic Operations System Supervisor at PT Surya Citra Televisi
(1995-1996) Computer Graphic Artist at PT Surya Citra Televisi
(1993-1995) Video Editor at PT Surya Citra Televisi
(1992-1993) Editor Trainee at PT Surya Citra Televisi
(1991-1992) Application Engineer at PT BERCA Indonesia
(1991) Junior Architect at Laboratorium Permukiman dan Perumahan, Jurusan Teknik Arsitektur, ITS