Rezki Gautama Tanrere, S.Ds., M.Ds

Rezki Gautama Tanrere graduated from Trisakti University, Faculty of Art and Design. He started his career in photography as a freelance photographer since 2006. During his career, he has handled various genres of photography, from editorial photography, both documentation and photo journalism to commercial photography, from portraits, fashion to various and types of still life products and advertising in photography. Apart from being a photographer he manages various projects as a digital imaging and enhancement artist for clients who have their own photo contents, as well as a consultant, tutor and photography curator for various events related to photography. In his photo works, he has handled various structures and levels of different clients, ranging from personal, organizational, government sector, public and private companies on a national to international scale.


Visual Communication Design Lecturer





01. Photography

02.Digital Imaging and Enhancement

03. Experimental Art and Design

01. Indonesian Brand Design & Identity Development

02. Commercial Product and Model Photography Study

03. Children and Generation Z Oriented Human-Centered Design

*Sistem Visual Asian Games 2018: Upaya Memetakan Rumusan Konsep Visual yang Digunakan

*Virtual Concept Experimental Photography Exhibition “Puguh Keséd”

*“Intimasi Gradasi”: Tutur Visual Masyarakat Ciptagelar Banten


(present) Lecturer of Visual Communication Design at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara
(present) Lecturer of Photography Major (Faculty of Publishing) at Polimedia Teknik Media Kreatif
(2020) International Conference “IWAIT 2020-23rd International Workshop on Advanced Image Technologi” Yogyakarta
(2019) Certified of Competency in Photography Level III of IQF (KKNI) Lembaga Kompetensi Fotografi Indonesia
(2019) Curator for “Kirana Dakara” Photography Exhibition, Mall @Alam Sutera, Tangerang
(2019) Curator for “Retro Tech-Emphases” Design Exhibition, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara
(2019) Speaker on “Food Photography Workshop” SMB Sales Conference 2019, GoFood – GoJEk

(2019) Speaker on “Photography Major – Career Day”, SMAK 5 Penabur, Jakarta
(2019) Speaker on “Maximizing Phone Cameras on Basic Photography”, Photography Workshop, Multimedia Nusantara University
(2019) Seminar Speaker “Menyongsong Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia ke Depan di Era Digital”
Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia, Jakarta
(2019) Photography Exhibition “Kekayaan Nusantara (Wealth of Indonesian Archipelago) – Kirana Dakara”, Thailand
(2019) Jury for “Copa de Stema 2019” Photography Contest Stella Maris Tangerang
(2018) Curator for “Fashionable Food-o-Graphy- A Combination of Glamourious Fashion and Luxurious Food Photography” Mall @Alam Sutera, Tangerang
(2018) Jury for “Hezastories” Photography Exhibition Kompas Corner, Tangerang
(2016) Curator for “Pollutiography-Fashion Photography on Problems of Pollution Offering a Message of Hope” Mall @Alam Sutera, Tangerang
(2016) Photography Exhibition “Nusakarya”, Mall @Alam Sutera, Tangerang
(2014) Jury for “Festival Lintas Tradisi” Photography Contest, Museum Tekstil Jakarta
(2019) Jury for “Pemuda Indonesia Berkarya” Photography Contest Kementrian Pemuda dan Olahraga Republik Indonesia
(2019) Jury for “Deputi Pemberdayaan Pemuda” Photography Contest  Kementrian Pemuda dan Olahraga Republik Indonesia
(2013) Photography Exhibition “Inspiring Tradition”, Museum Tekstil Jakarta
(2013) Mentor on “Capturing Exotic Birding” Photography Workshop, The Second Thrid “Photography Learning Center”, TMII, Jakarta

(2013) Instructor and Teacher for Basic Advance Levels on Photography Studies, Neumatt “Centre for Photography Studies”
(2012-2015) Instructor and Teacher for Basic Advance Levels on Photography Studies, The Second Third “Photography Learning Center”
(2012) Speaker on “Traditional Sundanese Food Photography ” Photography Workshop, Lembur Kuring Bibet

(2012) Mentor on “Outer Badui” Photo Tour, The Second Third “Photography Learning Center”, Tangerang
(2011-2013) Master of Art and Design at Trisakti University, Jakarta
(2011-2019) Certificated from: PKM Day – UMN, Mastering Creative Light – ARRI Asia, Fashion Photography – ARRI Asia, Commercializing Beauty – Jakarta Fashion Week, Modeling and Art Lighting Photography – Bina Sarana Informatika, Photography and Phenomenon – Pelita Harapan University, Series in Communication – Australian Education International, Gravure Painting – PT. Plasindo
(2010-2020) Clients and Employments (Goverment Sector): Kementrian Koordinator Maritim dan Sumber Daya Republik Indonesia, Kementrian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan Republik Indonesia, Dinas Perikanan dan Kelautan Provinsi Jawa Timur
(2010-2020) Clients and Employments (Independent Goverment Organization): Indonesia Olympian Association (IOA)
(2010-2020) Clients and Employments (National Private Company):  RS Medistra, Muji Indonesia, Hypermart, Miss Indonesia, Indosat Ooredoo, PT Sriwijawa Air, PT Oktagon Citra Mandiri, PT Daya Makara UI, PT AKS Precision Ball Indonesia, PT Onsu Pangan Perkasa
(2010-2020) Clients and Employments (Foundation): Insitute Perguruan Tinggi Al-Quran, Yayasan Islam Harapan Ibu, Lazuardi Global Islamic School, Adrianus Noe Center Institute, Sekolah Tunas Indonesia, Forel-Vi, Jakarta
(2010-2020) Clients and Employments (Limited Partnerships & Individual Proprietorship): CV Haikal & Fadhlan, CV. Synan Production, Credensa Indonesia Boutique, Dua Pupa Boutique, Demeza Boutique
(2010-2020) Clients and Employments (International Private Company): Bromoli Rocco Professional, Manfrotto, The Vitec Group, Profoto AB, Crumpler PTY LTD, Moderne, WNK Food Service, Kotra, PPP Infrastructure Development to Accelerate ASEAN Connectivity, Fashion Products FJL Boutique for Bensimon
Bachelor of Art and Design at Trisakti University, Jakarta


– Certificate of Competency in Photography level III of IQF, Leskofi