Roy Anthonius Susanto, S.Sn, M.Ds.

Roy is a lecturer in the Visual Communication Design study program who has dedicated a large part of his career in the field of graphic design and development of the world of higher education management. Graduated with a master’s degree in design from the Institut Teknologi Bandung and worked for 13 years at Maranatha Christian University from the level of head of the study program to the Vice Rector for student affairs. In addition to working at university, Roy has also developed entrepreneurship in the field of graphic design and motion graphics at Rupa studio, Bandung. Roy’s research focus is Brand Experience, Visual Storytelling and media innovation development. Now, he is working at Multimedia Nusantara University as a full time lecturer and is working on the establishment of Multimedia Nusantara Polytechnic.


Masterpiece Magazine Coordinator and Visual Communication Design Lecturer





01. Visual Identity

02. Experience Design

03. Motion & Graphic Design

01. Indonesian Brand Design & Identity Development

* Development Phase of 2: 3: 5 Ratio as A Visual Composition Technique on Logo Design


(2003 – 2004) Internship/Junior Staff at PT. Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV)
(2004) Bachelor of Art at Pelita Harapan University
(2004 – 2005) Junior Designer at Jerry Aurum Photography & Design
(2006 – 2008) Managing Director at PT. Dreamsquare Citra Mandiri
(2004 – Present) Full-Time Lecturer at Maranatha Christian University
(2009 – 2010) Secretary of the Fine Arts & Design Diploma Study Program at Maranatha Christian University
(2009 – 2012) Head of the Graphic Design Division at Maranatha Christian University
(2010 – 2012) Art Teacher for Elementary at Mutiara Nusantara School
(2010 – 2014) Head of the Fine Arts & Design Diploma Study Program at Maranatha Christian University
Special Staff of the Faculty of Art & Design (Operational Manager) at Maranatha Christian University
(2011 – 2012) Art Teacher for High School at Equalbright School
(2012) Master of Design at Bandung Institute of Technology
(2012 – 2016) Head of Media & Communication at Maranatha Christian University
(2013 – Present) Creative Director at RupaRupa Multimedia Management
(2014 – 2016) Deputy Dean of Student Affairs of Faculty of Arts and Design at Maranatha Christian University
(2016 – 2017) Vice Rector III for Student Affairs, Cooperation & Alumni at Maranatha Christian University
(2017 – 2018) General Secretary of the University / Vice Chancellor V for Public Administration, Information Technology & Institution Communication at Maranatha Christian University
(2019 – Present) Full-Time Lecturer at Multimedia Nusantara University
(2019 – 2020) Project Manager of Multimedia Nusantara Polytechnic
(2020) Interaction Design Coordinator at Multimedia Nusantara University